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Ready Meals

Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Dr. Oetker frozen ready meals can be found here.

Are Dr. Oetker Frozen Pizza’s Egg/Peanut/Nut free?

Our facility in Johannesburg is egg, peanut and nut free. The information here is based on current formulations and to the best of our knowledge, is accurate. However, Dr. Oetker will not accept any liability for the information contained herein as relates to any individual(s) dietary requirements. Dr. Oetker will not guarantee no cross-contamination as products containing the listed allergens are processed in the facility. It is recommended that where concern exists regarding food allergens that the consumer contact Dr. Oetker for current information.

Is Dr. Oetker Halaal Certified?

As of 1st April 2015, some products in the Dr. Oetker range of ready-made meals might not carry the Halaal certification. Please look for the Halaal Certified label on the packaging when purchasing.

Can I microwave Dr.Oetker ready-made meals?

Yes! Our ready meals can be prepared in the microwave or in the oven. It’s best in the oven, but only takes 8 minutes in the microwave!

How do I prepare my Dr. Oetker ready-made meal?

All our Ready Meals can be prepared in the oven or in the microwave. Depending on the type of Ready Meal, one option is preferable. Check out our section on the Ready Meals to learn more about the delicious ingredients and the specific preparation recommendations.