Terms and Conditions

  1. The Dr. Oetker Ital Pizza Spicy Range Competition 2024 (“the Competition”) is organised and run by Dr. Oetker SA (“the Promoter”).  
  2. The Competition commences on 16 June 2024 and runs until Midnight on 30 August 2024 or until all prizes have been depleted. No entries received after 30 August 2024, if all prizes are depleted, will be considered. If all prizes have not been depleted, additional entries will be considered until all prizes are depleted.
  3. By entering the Competition, entrants agree to the terms and conditions of the Competition that are set out below. A copy of the Terms and Conditions for this Competition is available on the Dr. Oetker competitions page on the Dr. Oetker website and can be viewed on the following site: https://www.oetker.co.za/competitions-promotions
  4. This Competition is limited to all residents of the Republic of South Africa who are aged 18 years and older, and who comply with these Competition rules (“Participants”), except directors, members, partners, agents or employees of Dr. Oetker, any Dr. Oetker holding companies and subsidiaries, their advertising and promotions agencies, consultants, and their immediate families, or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by Dr. Oetker. 
  5. The Competition may be entered by participants posting a video of themselves eating any of the new Spicy Range pizzas which include the Dr. Oetker Ital Pizza Classic Peri-Peri Chicken, Dr. Oetker Ital Pizza Classic Mexican and Dr. Oetker Ital Pizza Familia Spicy Pepperoni pizzas (“Participating Products”), posting the video on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook and following the Competition participation requirements (“Competition Rules”) that are set out in clause 6 below. The video is only considered valid if the video contains 1 (one) participant eating the whole pizza variant as advised in “Participating Products.”
  6. Competition Rules: 
    1. To participate in the Competition, the participant is required to post a video of themself eating any of the new Spicy Range pizzas (“Participating Products 5.”), within 3 minutes and post the video on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook and tag the Dr. Oetker TikTok, Instagram or Facebook page. 
    2. The video can be of any length of time. The participant must have a timer that is completely visible in the video. The participant must not exceed 3 minutes while eating the entire pizza.
    3. The participant must tag droetkersa on TikTok, dr.oetker_sa on Instagram or Dr. Oetker South Africa on Facebook in the video post, in alignment with the competition rules to be considered a valid entry. 
    4. The video must include a clear view of the Dr. Oetker Ital Pizza participating product/s box. 
    5. Social media stories will be not considered as a valid entry, videos must be in the form of a grid video on the relevant platform/s to be considered as a valid entry into the competition. 
    6. Data rates apply for entry into the competition. 
    7. The first 100 (one hundred) valid entries will win R1 000 (one thousand rand) in cash.
    8. All potential winners will be notified by a social media direct message to their social media accounts.
    9. Should the potential winner not be contactable after 2 reasonable attempts within 48 hours, the Competition organisers reserve the right to replace this finalist with an alternative Participant. 
    10. In order to be confirmed as a winner, finalists will be required to comply with all the competition rules. 
    11. Participants may not enter the Competition more than once. Participants who have won with Dr. Oetker within the last 183 days, or are living at the same address as a previous winner, will not be permitted to win a prize in this competition. 
    12. Should the Promoter suspect any fraudulent activity the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify the Participants from the Competition.
    13. By attempting to enter this competition, all Participants enter the competition at their own risk. Dr. Oetker will not be held responsible for any and all associated risks, damage and/or repercussions. 
  7. Prizes:  
    1. The prize will be 100 (one hundred) x R1000 (one thousand rand) in cash.
      1. The Finalist needs to be contactable and respond within 48 hours or they will be disqualified. 
      2. The prize will be electronically transferred into the winner’s bank account within 2 weeks of being verified as a winner.
  8. The winner selection is final, and no correspondence will be entered. 
  9. Prizes may not be transferred or exchanged for any other goods or services. 
  10. Participants must enter the Competition on a mobile phone, PC, iPad or laptop that is owned and registered by that person. No person can use another person’s mobile phone, PC, iPad or laptop for Competition entry purposes. This rule has been implemented in order to avoid fraud and possible litigation between the mobile phone, PC, iPad or laptop owner and the Competition entrant.
  11. Dr. Oetker will not accept liability for entries that were not received due to any technical or service provider error or failure. 
  12. By entering this Competition, all entrants authorise Dr. Oetker, the Promoter, to collect, store and use (not share) personal information of entrants for communication or statistical purposes. 
  13. The winner/s or Participants and their content may be requested to take part in publicity for broadcast or publishing purposes, which is conditional upon their agreement to take part in such publicity. Winners or Participants who take part in any publicity will not be entitled to any payment or other remuneration for such publicity or otherwise. All publicity and other materials will be the sole property of the Promoter. 
  14. By participating in this competition, all participants acknowledge that they will be required to provide personal information if selected as a finalist which is for the sole purpose of verifying information to award the prize/s and acknowledge that the information will be solely processed for this promotion only. In line with the POPIA Act, all personal information will be kept in a secure password-protected file for 3 years by the Consumer Protection Act and will be destroyed after this period has lapsed. Your privacy is important to us and we undertake to not use or share your personal information with any other party unless for purposes of delivery of your prize or if requested by authorities to do so.
  15. By accessing any Prizes, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and by participating in this Competition you consent to us sharing your personal data with our reward partners and affiliates for purposes relating to the operation of the Competition, including (without limitation) fulfilling of rewards issued to Participants. “Affiliates” means, any entity controlling, controlled by or under common control with the Promoter and suppliers for purposes of this Competition.