About Dr. Oetker

For over 120 years, Dr. Oetker has been guided by the desires and aspirations of consumers and the requirements of the markets we operate in. Now, more than ever, Dr. Oetker stands for a diversity of products with superlative, unmatched quality.

As a leading branded-food company, we constantly refine our ranges, products and corporate structures in the pursuit of providing all our markets new choices through innovation. At the same time, as a company with regional roots, we are continuously expanding our international presence. In so doing, our decisions invariably have long-term prospects of success at their focus with continuity, safety and credibility paramount in all our activities worldwide.

As a family business, we are always conscious of our responsibility to our staff. The human factor plays a crucial role in our success worldwide. In the course of our corporate history, moreover, we have never failed to engage with the social, cultural, scientific and ecological spheres in every territory we are found.

It is with this policy and our values that we safeguard the future of the company and the brand. “Quality is the best recipe” is not only our slogan, it defines our company, our people and our products.